About Lectrobox

Hi! My name is Jeremy, and Lectrobox is a tiny company I made for fun in order to distribute some of my electronics projects. I work for a Big Company as a computer scientist by day. But after work, I have a lot of hobbies I’m passionate about: being a maker, riding bicycles, flying small airplanes, and travelling. A few years ago, I realized that some of my electronics projects might be useful to other people, too! And so Lectrobox was born.

Most of my electronics are designed and prototyped at my home in Seattle. The first few copies of everything I sell are made by hand. After those are gone, I hire companies to do the bulk assembly for me. This lets me spend more time designing the next cool thing and less time soldering.

Nearly everything I sell is distributed through Amazon’s fulfillment services. I just ship a box full of my products to Amazon; they store it in their warehouse and ship it when someone orders one. This is great for a micro-company like mine because it keeps me from having to be on call every day to ship boxes out to customers or deal with taking orders: Amazon makes it all turn-key.

If you have any suggestions for new projects or would like to collaborate, please get in touch with me at jelson at lectrobox dot com!