8-Sided D4 Dice

September, 2019

3D printed dice. Each has eight faces, with the numbers one through four repeated twice.

My friend Dave has been getting into tabletop games. One day he mentioned how annoying it is to use four-sided dice: pyramids just don’t roll very well when you toss them across the table. He had an idea for an 8-sided die that has the numbers 1 through 4 repeated twice. After a cursory search through Amazon, it didn’t seem that any such thing already existed, so I spent an evening creating a 3D model for it in FreeCAD and printing a few out for him. (I later found some online, but making stuff yourself is still more fun! Plus, they use so little PLA that they’re virtually free.)

For extra fanciness, I used wood-infused PLA. After some sanding, they’re pretty satisfying to hold in your hand and roll. I’m sure they’re not even close to fair, but it was a fun project to give as a gift.

If you’d like to make some of your own, the model is available on Thingiverse.